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Updated Feb 6, 2020

Libya’s United Nations envoy Ghassan Salamé announced on Tuesday, February 4, that the warring parties in the Libyan civil war were ready to turn the agreed-upon ceasefire signed in Berlin last month into a durable truce. The respective parties and European diplomats have gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, to hammer out the details of a sustainable peace agreement, building on similar peace talks held in Moscow, Brazzaville, and Berlin.

These talks were supposed to have been held on January 28 but failed to secure the participation of representatives from Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s camp, which had been leading an assault against the UN-backed Government of National Accord since April 2019. After a visit by Salamé to Benghazi on Saturday, Haftar agreed to attend. Salamé noted that despite the will of both sides to sit down and negotiate, they had not spoken to each other directly yet.

In a public address, Salamé condemned the continuing violations of the international arms embargo agreed upon in Berlin on January 12. Alongside these talks, the UN launched a parallel series of discussions regarding economic and financial subjects pertinent to Libya, with the first of these held in Tunis on January 6. A second round of these talks is scheduled for February 9 in Cairo.


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