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Updated Feb 13, 2020

Following collaboration and information sharing between West African countries, the Ivorian navy seized 411 kilograms of cocaine on February 5 from a vessel sailing under the Spanish flag. Port authorities’ suspicions were raised after seeing a ship idling 250 kilometers (155 miles) off the coast since January 30. After the drugs were offloaded onto a smaller boat headed for the capital Abidjan, a special unit of the navy intercepted it, found the cocaine wrapped in small bundles, and took five people into custody. The authorities don’t know yet where the cocaine came from.

Several cocaine seizures have been made over the past 18 months along the West African Atlantic coast, with most of it originating from South America and destined for Europe. This most recent seizure follows similar record-setting drug busts in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde last year.

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