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Updated Feb 3, 2020

Ghana’s capital city of Accra is home to the Ghana Robotics Academy, which has already taught more than 7,000 children how to code using Lego Robotics as part of their science education program. The Academy, under the direction of Yaw Okraku-Yirenki, is open to children of all ages. In 2019, the Robofest World Championship was won by the Methodist All-Girls Senior High School, putting Ghana on the world map as a hub of robotics.

Inspired by the Robofest success, Ghana’s Ministry of Education has announced that it will be introducing robotics lessons early in public education. “We should see robotics introduced at least at the junior-high level and the senior-high level,” said Okraku-Yirenki, speaking with CNN. 

The Academy was founded in 2011 by Dr. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, a robotics engineer at NASA who is currently leading a mission to research the makeup of the Mars surface. Alumni of the Ghana Robotics Academy have gone on to work professionally in aeronautical, mechanical, and electrical engineering fields.

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