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Updated Apr 20, 2020


Boys Cry Ghana
<em>Boys No Dey Cry</em> (Boys Don't Cry) is a film that explores the complexities of toxic masculinity, mental health, religion, and family in Ghana.(


Speaking Out

Young Ghanaian men are becoming more confident in openly discussing mental health issues, in a country in which male vulnerability is often stigmatized. Ghanaians have taken mostly to social media to discuss their challenges among each another, and more recently artists have been exploring the issue in short films and rap music.

Mental illness is one of the least-served health concerns in Africa. When compared with other medical specialties, the field of mental health lacks sufficient numbers of psychologists, mental health facilities, and rigorous research.

A New Approach is Needed

Mental health is intertwined with poverty, life expectancy, and human rights. For Africa to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, new resolve is needed to destigmatize mental illness and provide more resources for treatment.


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