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Updated Feb 6, 2020

Guinea’s parliamentary elections have been postponed for a third time to March 1, 2020, according to a decree signed by President Alpha Condé on February 4. He was compelled to do so after seven members of the National Independent Electoral Commission resigned in protest against the Condé administration’s “opaque management of the electoral process”. Religious leaders also intervened to push for dialogue to avoid a boycott of the election by opposition parties.

This declaration is a significant defeat of Condé’s bid to amend the Guinean constitution and run for a third presidential term. His efforts to run regardless of the constitution’s status incited mass protests throughout the country, leading to clashes between security forces and demonstrators, dozens of deaths, and strong condemnation from the international community. 

The March 1 date is fast approaching, and it seems unlikely that the opposition parties will have enough time to build consensus to field a strong candidate to challenge Condé.

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