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We Tell the Story of a New Africa

The New Africa Daily is a digital publisher whose mission is to produce original, insightful, and nuanced content from Africa.

We also curate some of the best of what others do. We do it with an eye for what matters. 

We give you a deeper, discerning read of the events of the continent and the people driving them. This through analysis, videos, infographics, interviews, podcasts, conferences, and investigations — designed to keep you smart and informed about Africa.

We are journalists, broadcasters, investigators, activists, academics, economists, investors, editors, analysts, and designers committed to bringing you clarity beyond the news.

Our researchers spend hours every day sifting through news and analyses — and curate just enough of what we think is driving change today, and transforming the continent tomorrow. 

The New Africa Daily Team


Publisher and Editor 

Talal Belrhiti 

Managing Editor

Joseph Hammond

Senior Editors

Inga Trauthig

Teresa Nogueira Pinto

Contributing Editors

Derek Henry Flood

Francis Kiazolu


Kago Komane

Ian Wendrow

Copy Editor

Kay-Ann Van Rooyen

Podcast Producers

Angela Angwenyi (Business Podcast)

Françoise Kepeglo Moudouth (Civil Society Podcast)

Teresa Nogueira Pinto (Politics & Security Podcast)

Art and Design

Adil Hajoubi


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Dec 7, 2022