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Updated Feb 3, 2020

In the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado in the north of the country, Islamist militants set alight a charity-run teacher training college and an agricultural institute on Wednesday, January 29. No casualties have been reported, mainly thanks to early warnings from residents fleeing neighboring villages under assault by the same insurgents. 

Attacks by the Islamist militant group known as Ansar al-Sunna has claimed hundreds of lives in Cabo Delgado since 2017. The violence has included beheadings, razed villages, and attacks against security forces. An Islamic State affiliate claimed responsibility for an assault on Mozambican security forces in July 2019, raising concerns not only for Mozambique’s safety but also for the global energy market, as Total and ExxonMobil operate significant oil and natural gas platforms off the coast of Cabo Delgado. 

Attacks have been growing more frequent, with sixteen in January 2020 alone.

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