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Updated Feb 19, 2020

Burkina Faso initiated a military tribunal to discover exactly what happened the night of October 15, 1987, when Thomas Sankara, leader of the Burkinabe revolution, was assassinated in a coup orchestrated by his successor, Blaise Campoaré. A reconstruction of the night in question began in the capital Ouagadougou, involving witnesses, survivors, and the accused.

This is the first such judicial reexamination of the coup d’état, an effort that Prosper Farama, an attorney of the Sankara family, believes is necessary “to see the veracity or not of the versions [of the assassination] that have been presented”. Over several hours, everything about the night of the assassination and the days leading up to it were reconstructed. This process comes five years after what is believed to be Sankara’s remains were exhumed to allow his family to identify the body, a demand long denied under Compoaré’s 27-year dictatorship.ère-reconstitution

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