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Updated Feb 6, 2020

French foreign minister Florence Parly, during a visit to Chad, said that another Chadian division of troops would be deployed in the three-borders zone of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso to push back against Islamist jihadist terrorist groups operating in the area. No specific date has been mentioned for when the deployment would go into effect.

Negotiations between Paris and N’Djamena are ongoing, with Chad’s principal concerns centered on funding. Chad already contributed heavily in 2013 to military operations in Mali, at a cost of €150 million. The 500-strong deployment is suspended until some arrangement can be made. With one of the largest and most experienced armies in the Sahel region, Chad has the power to extract better concessions for its deployment from the international community, even if some worry that the Chadian army is not strict enough in their compliance with the rules of engagement, which can contribute to civilian disdain for foreign security forces.

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