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Updated Feb 7, 2020

Nigeria’s elections body has announced that 75 political parties had been deregistered for breaching regulations that govern their operations.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, at a press conference in Abuja on Thursday said the affected parties “did not satisfy the requirement of the Fourth Alteration to the Constitution.”

Prior to today’s exercise, Nigeria as Africa’s most populous nation with over 200 million people had a total of 93 registered parties. There are only 18 parties that are currently authorized to operate.

Details of the reasons that led to the de-registration included:

  • Failure of the parties to win at least 25% of votes cast in one state of the federation in a presidential election or one local government of a state in a gubernatorial vote.
  • Failure to win at least one ward in a chairmanship election, a seat in the national or state legislature, a seat in at the councillorship level.

INEC under section 225 A of the Nigerian constitution (Fourth Alteration, No. 9) Act, 2017 also reserves the power to de-register a party over a breach of any of the regulations for registration.

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