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Updated Mar 10, 2020

The Republic of the Congo’s president Denis Sassou N’Guesso inaugurated the Sembé–Souanké–Ntam road on Friday, March 6, the second phase of the 503 kilometer-long Ketta–Djoum road project, a link between the Congolese capital Brazzaville and the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé. The African Development Bank funded the joint project between the two countries, and the Chinese engineering firm Sinohydro Tianjin built it. 


Why It Matters

Large public infrastructure projects like this reflect China’s continuing relevance to African development and the growing importance of regional integration efforts. The movement of people and goods across national borders remains a major obstacle to intra-African trade and economic growth, so a project like this is key to overcoming such metaphorical roadblocks. Ahead of the formal implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area in July, transnational public infrastructure will be a critical investment for African nations looking to reap the benefits of the free trade.

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