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Updated Feb 3, 2020

The whistleblower source of the Luanda Leaks, which revealed the Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos’s vast business empire was built on a network of corrupt patronage and lucrative state contracts, enriching her and her husband at the expense of the Angolan people, was revealed to be the Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto. Pinto was also behind the Football Leaks, which similarly aided investigators in uncovering unscrupulous exploitation of young athletes in the world of European football scouting and recruitment. The details were confirmed by Pinto’s French attorney William Bourden alongside his Portuguese colleague Francisco Teixeira da Mota.

Pinto is currently being held in provisional detention for allegations of attempted extortion and various cybercrimes committed during the Football Leaks scandal, which broke in 2015. The thirty-one-year-old’s lawyers say he “wished to promote the understanding of complex operations carried out with the complicity of banks and lawyers, who not only impoverished the people and the state of Angola, but are also likely to have seriously damaged Portugal’s interests”.

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