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Updated Mar 18, 2020

Rwanda will be hosting this year’s gathering of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in June, a biennial meeting of the heads of government from all the Commonwealth countries. Of the many issues that will be addressed, Rwanda is focused in particular on the prospects of new private sector investments and growth. CNBC Africa spoke with Robert Bapfakurera, chairman of Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation, to discuss how the country intends to charm an expected business delegation of 7,000 and how CHOGM will manage safety concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.


Why It Matters

Since the United Kingdom has left the European Union, much has been written about the potential for the de facto “head” of the Commonwealth to lean on other Commonwealth members for trade deals to make up for the expected losses when the transition period ends and it no longer enjoys the benefits of the EU’s favorable trade policies. Rwanda has been transforming itself into a kind of African Singapore, a tiny nation with heavy investment in advanced technology, becoming an oasis for large foreign direct investment in sub-Saharan Africa. CHOGM may be the start of greater British investment in Africa as well as a boost for Rwanda’s designs to be an economic and intellectual powerhouse on the continent.

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