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Updated Feb 20, 2020

In a repeat of what some would call a political groundhog day, Tunisian president Kais Saied has once again threatened to dissolve the current parliament if the cabinet proposed by the recently appointed prime minister Elyes Fakhfakh fails to receive a vote of confidence. The warning came after the ruling Islamist party, Ennahdha, vowed to not participate in nor support any future government established with the support of President Saied, making it unlikely for Fakhfakh to acquire the necessary approval.

Fakhfakh had until February 20 to submit his new cabinet to a vote. Although the prime minister has included members from Ennahdha in his proposed cabinet, support is still expected to not be forthcoming. They have proposed the resignation of Fakhfakh and the appointment of a new prime minister and a new round of negotiations, which was soundly rejected by President Saied, who could dismiss parliament after March 15 and call a new election.

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